Product Range:

1. Electrical control boxes, instrument control boxes, parts and accessories

2. Electronic networking and communication product enclosures/housings, parts and accessories

3. Electronic game machine housings, parts and accessories

4. Food/beverage-making machine housings, parts and accessories (coffee makers, sealers)

5. Financial-service-product housings, parts and accessories (auto teller machines)

6. Products made of cold-rolled steel plates, stainless-steel plates, aluminum plates, brass plates, galvanized steel plates

Design and Development Range:

1. SolidWords 3-D drawing software enables us to accept any design and development project that requires such CAD data files as IGES, STEP, SAT (ACIS), VDAFS (VDA), VRML, PARASOLID, DXF, and DWG

2. Cooperative design and development with customers

3. Customized product profiles and sheet-metal mechanisms

4. Various sheet-metal housings/enclosures, parts and accessories

5. With safe production equipment and requiring no molds, we accept orders for small-volume large-variety production

6. The processing and manufacturing of various customized products also available. 
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